Saturday, August 27, 2011

Handmade thread bangles.

Hannah and I saw some really cute thick thread bracelets at a store the other day, but they were so expensive. Right beside them were some much cheaper thick rubber bracelets. We bought them and went home to play.

The orange bracelet is what we started out with.

We did some basic ones to get the hang of it.

Then some fun ones. A rainbow one.

A multi-colored one.

I tried adding hearts to the side of one.

Still need to practice with that...

I tried a technique I remembered from making friendship bracelets when I was little.

I love it, the girls don't.

I'm wanting to try other friendship bracelet patterns now. Oh, and attaching beads to the outside. Sweet!

Submitted to Saturday's Artist at OLM

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


When we visited my dad and my grandma last weekend, my dad took us out on the lake on a little fishing boat. Everybody but Zander and Bella got a turn steering the boat.

Zander slept through most of it - he seemed lulled by the motor.

I really like this picture of Matt and Gray.

Ainsley was a speed demon!

And Bella and my father bonded.

Ainsley and Gray both did a lot of this - dreaming and running their hands in the water.

Gray thought this was so much fun - let the boat go to the end of the rope, haul it back in, repeat.

Beautiful day.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Some images from the past few weeks.

Summer's always a busy time for us with guests. We *love* having people come and stay with us and Hannah loves it more than anyone else.

The horses are always a big draw.

Some like it more than others. Some don't really want to be anywhere near the horses.

I always end up with more pictures of the kids around the horses because the other stuff they do is not so different for the visitors.

The horses only take up early morning and late evening time when it's not so hot. The rest of the day is spent playing in the pool, dressing up, playing in the pool, having picnics, playing in the pool, playing in the hammock, dancing, and playing in the pool.

With school back in session for almost everybody, our days of having overnight guests are coming to an end for the summer. Poor Hannah's gotten so used to it that she's upset about that. I'll have to step up my game in other areas for that social girl.

Monday, August 8, 2011

ACRES Magazine

Do any of you read ACRES Magazine?

I had a subscription which I've now cancelled since our life seems to be heading in another direction for right now. Would anyone like the 14 magazines that I have?

2009 - May/September/December
2010 - August - December
2011 - January/March - July

Email me at unprocessedfamily at gmail dot com if you want them! The decluttering bug has hit and I want them gone. :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ladybug crackers!

How cute are these?

My friend and I made these today. So simple.

Mix 2 oz of cream cheese with 2 tbsp of sour cream. Pull out a bit of that, mix with black food coloring and put in a baggie. Mix garlic salt and chives into remaining mixture and spread onto crackers. Slice up tomatoes and arrange on crackers with olives. Cut tip of baggie and use black mixture for dots. You could use fresh chives in the olive hole for antennae.

Stand back.

Grayson at the beach with his truck.


Fill truck with sand.*

Push it into the water until it is completely covered. Dump sand.**

Return to beach.

Repeat for over one hour without pausing.

* I realize that in this picture the truck has no sand in it.

** In this picture also - no sand. He would see me coming with the camera and dump the sand. Don't know why. But the baffling yet hilarious process still stands as blog-worthy.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

County Fair time!

We met up with some friends tonight at our county fair. It was 'free concert night' and we were excited. Last year was the first time we went to the free concert at our fair and it was really fun. This year? Not the best band. You see the singer walking away there? That's about as much movement as we got out of them that night. *sigh*

But the kids had fun, so it was worth it.

They had even more fun walking around and looking at the animals. Cattle and pigs and ponies, oh my!

This pony saw the girls coming and sidled his butt right up to the fence so he could be scratched. Smart pony.

But then Ains and Gray, in the midst of a roaring game of freeze tag, collided. Gray came away with a sore chest and Ains with a swollen cheek. It should be colorful tomorrow, poor girl.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dress up.

I'm selling my wedding dress, so what else could we do but try it on?

Well, them. Not me.

That was ten years ago. I couldn't fit in it now.

But aren't they sweet?

You know these pictures are just begging for a mash-up when the girls are older and get their wedding pictures taken.