Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grayson's Dora shorts.

Grayson loves Dora and Diego. I decided to make him some Dora shorts and some Diego pants. The Diego pants were a big fat FAIL. I'll post those later. But the Dora shorts turned out cute. (Sidenote: Do you have any idea how hard it is to find non-pink Dora fabric?)

I used Simplicity's 2907 toddler shorts pattern. Easy, cute, has a pocket for him to stuff full. Scratch that - it has THREE pockets for him to stuff full.

They look a bit like board shorts. Very cute.

Speaking of cute ...


Cindy's Custom Creations said...

Those shorts are totally awesome! Pockets are the best! (As a side note, Ashley says she can vividly remember when Grayson looked just like Zander... how time flies!)

Danni said...

Those are adorable! Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Nor does the cuteness of your kids.
Seeing Grayson's little feet wearing those flip flops just makes my heart go pitter pat. So CUTE!
And Zander... look at those sparkley eyes. He really wants to meet his "Auntie" Danni. I can tell.