Thursday, May 19, 2011

On the good days, we're never inside.

Grayson has been declared Ainsley's 'cowboy hero'. He keeps the chickens away from her when we're in the garden.

That way she can eat her rhubarb in peace.

The girls didn't get any rhubarb last year because we'd just transplanted it. They aren't getting much this year, but it's more than none.

We did get lots of daffodils this year. We're finding bouquets everywhere, which I'm loving. This one has a signature Hannah note on it. The 'H' and 'D' on the top are to say it's from Hannah and it's for her Daddy. 'I love you'.

Bella keeps trying to figure out what I'm digging for when I pull out all of those dandelions.

My starts are doing well this year.

All except for my tray of basil that the cat tried to turn into a litter box. She's on my crap list right now. Pun intended.

And my kids? They just want to go camping.

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Lindsay said...

Meredith has been begging to go camping! I think we're going to set up a tent in the back yard some day soon. It's still too chilly for me over night. I love your header picture, except I think spring did skip it's turn this year. At least for us! Went from rainy and cold to too hot and dry already. :)