Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Lovely spring day.

And then ten more cold spring days.

It's been the cycle we've been going through this year.

See how happy I am about it?

We're still a family of five. I think this baby, smart as it is, is waiting until summer to join us.

When is the first day of summer?

Aw, crap.


Debbie said...

SUCH a cute picture of you, even if you are annoyed with the weather. :) Maybe a new hat would make you happy...only if it arrives in the late fall. I wouldn't dream of sending you one now. :)

Come on baby - we all want to MEET you. xo

Danni said...

You may think that face is unhappy but it's BEAUTIFUL to me! And wow - did you not gain a single extra pound with your fourth babe? Your face looks tan and slender and healthy - you go, girl! :-)

Jess said...

I agree with Danni. You look so beautiful and healthy and... would never guess there's a babe inside. Best wishes for the delivery!