Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kid pictures.

I asked Matt to take the camera with him when he fed the animals so that he could get some pictures of the new arrival. This is what he came back with.

I'm thinking he left the camera in the truck. Yep, there he goes.

Now he's closer to the action, but the camera isn't.

Ah, here we are. Closer anyway.

Can we move around her?

Isn't she sweet? She's already been named, even though she's not ours. Rosalina.

Even though we've been telling Ains for months that this baby wouldn't be ours, she was still in tears this morning when she looked at the real thing and was told again. It's easy to say "Pssh. I don't care." when it's a big horse tummy, but when it's a gangly baby filly bouncing around? Oh, it's got to be yours.

But we have her until she's weaned. That should be fun.


Cindy's Custom Creations said...

She is adorable! I can see why Ains is in love!

Danni said...

Ha, ha, ha...I love it when they get ahold of the camera. *So* cute!
Hmmm...beautiful little baby horse. Auntie Danni wants to know why Ainsley can't have it.

Sarah said...

Ah, Danni, I know. We bought the mare but didn't pay the extra $500 to keep the foal she was pregnant with. We're not set up to raise a baby for two years and then train it. The people who we bought her from are supposed to come get her when she's weaned. They said 'when she's 3 months old'. I said 'not until she's 6 months old at the youngest'. Idiots. 3 months old is so, so young. She needs to be with her momma still.

The place we got her from was a rescue place - we rescued her from them. *eyeroll* I have never before been to an honest-to-goodness puppy mill. They 'rescued' horses, bred 3 different 'specialty' breeds of dogs - all something crossed with chihuahuas, and had some goats that were in the worst shape I've ever seen - feet curled up until they almost touched their legs again. I was near tears. I reported them, but in backcountry Idaho? Yeah, I'm not thinking they'll even get a cursory visit.

Anyway, I'm glad Dakota (the momma) is with us. She's a sweetheart - or she was when she was pregnant. We'll see how having a baby around affects her temperament. ;)