Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meet my new baby.

It's been two years since I lost the best dog I've ever owned. That loss, combined with the loss of my childhood best friend a month later, affected me in ways that I had no way of foreseeing then but am just now overcoming. So this puppy, accepting her into my life, is a declaration of healing of sorts.

I've been looking for a border collie for the last 8 months or so. None that I've seen or met have clicked with me until I met this one. Just look at her.

(Ains took that picture unexpectedly, but I love it.)

It wasn't just her - I met her father and mother and her breeders. Her father was very much like Dan temperament wise, but bigger and hairier physically. A total sweetheart with a good working drive. Her mother was young with lots of energy and lots of working instinct. Her breeders work a large ranch in Nevada and answered all of my questions in just the right way for me.

I was so hooked on this puppy that I weeded through my goat herd and sold four of my goats to be able to afford her and the kennel she'd need. I was grateful to the owners that they kept her for me until I could get her.

I'd forgotten how much I am in love with this breed of dog. The way they look at you, the way they move around the farm, the way they pick one person and become *that person's dog*.

If I sit down, I have a puppy chin on my foot within 30 seconds. She's like a 3 month old ball of fur and love.

And she's learning how to play with the kids nicely.

She's fun but needs to be reminded not to jump up on the littler ones.

Cygnus and Bella are reacting predictably to her. She is an energetic puppy after all. Cygnus is being extra (and so-annoyingly) protective of his bones but is tolerating her otherwise. Bella is tolerating her as long as she doesn't try to play with her - then she gets cranky, but I can see her wearing down. The other day when we were going to feed the chickens, Bella started playing with the puppy when she didn't think anyone was looking.

So now we have a dilemma. I can't keep calling her 'The Puppy.' She needs a name. Because she is going to be a working dog, her name does have some restrictions on it. The name she's called when working has to be one syllable and needs to start with a hard sound like 'Ned' or 'Dan'.

We've come up with several, but we're stuck. Can you help? (Or suggest anymore to mire me even deeper in indecision?)

- Meg
- Niamh (Irish name I love that's pronounced 'Neve')
- Ang (short for Angelina Ballerina, natch)
- Mist

Vote vote vote! She needs a name.

I've hit my 3 dog limit now and am so grateful to an ever-patient husband who has a 0 dog limit but has put that aside for his family members.


Heart Rockin Mama said...

First of all, the freckles are beyond yummy. I want to eat her up every time I see her.
Second, out of that list I vote for Meg. (Although I love Niamh for a girl child's name!)
She looks adorable.

affectioknit said...

What a sweetie!

dreamer said...

Gorgeous puppy :) She looks like a Meg to me too.Whatever name you decide on I'm sure she will grow to fit it nicely.

Anne Wood said...

OMG, she's incredibly cute!!! :)

Second the name Meg. Also love the name Quest.

We recently adopted a one-year-old rescue that's probably a Kelpie. I've never lived with a herding breed and am LOVING everything about our dear Shadow!! :-D

Lindsay said...

I vote Meg or Niamh! She is so so cute. If it wasn't for the fact that I don't need any extra energy over here right now, I'd totally consider a border collie on our new property. Instead we'll probably end up with something a little calmer like a lab if we decide we need another.

Lindsay said...

Oh, and I had to link your post to my husband, because we are about the same. He'd be (more than) happy with 0 dogs. My max is three too. My mom has asked us to take her dog this spring, and I do want a dog that would be more of a work dog (since our current one and my mom's are both useless as working dogs). Our poor, patient husbands. ;) We have a lot less land than you though, so even three might end up being too much for us.

mlegg said...

i like the name Jess or Meg. -Cade

Stace said...

She's gorgeous!!! Congratulations on such a beautiful addition :)
I vote for Meg:)

healinggreen said...

Pixie! It popped into my head when I saw her pic (and her call name can be pic or pix)... She is adorable.

Out of your list of names I go with Niamh, being a lover of all things Irish, including my DH ;)

Cindy's Custom Creations said...

She is so cute Sarah! I'm so glad you found her!

Being the nerd I am, I googled "border collie dog names" and found a place for you to get about 1000 more name ideas. Just what you wanted, right? Check out http://www.cat-dog-names.com/page/category/104/ and http://www.bordercollies.nl/enames.shtml

Some of the names that stick out to me are Mist, Kit, and Jade.

I realize I've made your task that much harder.

Your welcome. :-)

the Goodwife said...

I vote for Niamh, just cause I love Irish names! She's a beauty! What ever happend to Butterfly?

Kyrie said...

On your list I vote Meg. Otherwise I like: Jet, Fly, Star, Poe

CORoots said...

I vote Meg! And, she's really, really cute! So, I'm glad you didn't listen to my "vote" on whether or not to get a puppy. :-o

Rachelle Jones said...

She is so beautiful! She looks like a good mix of my two dogs. I have been wondering when you would get another border collie. I love my Border Collie, and my Austrailan Shepherd. As far as name, I am partial to 2 syllable names (Taylor & Dakota). Whatever you choose it will be great. :)

Bovey Belle said...

What a gorgeous pup (and beautiful daughter too). I vote for Meg, though looking at her tail, I did think Tip . . .

From a fan of what used to be called One Man and His Dog on British tv (dropped by the BBC but now reinvented . . . http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006pn5q )

Natalie said...

I think Meg suits her too. I can hear it being called out as you're out working with her. :-) What a gorgeous dog and how great of your 0 dog limit hubby - I can relate to him.

After growing up with at least 2 German Shepherds plus some smaller mixed breed dogs and having to look after them as a non-dog-loving child, we haven't crossed the pet-owning barrier just yet as I'd be the only pet looker afterer. But, maybe .. sometime ..

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ohhh, that second picture is just wonderful. That face, those eyes...
Congratulations, Sarah - she's a beauty. Don't have any suggestions for you on the name, though. Knowing me, if I started out with "Pup", I'd amend it to "Pupster" or "Puppers" or "Pupperina" and then still call her "Pups" for short. :-)
(And sweet, sweet Dan - such a good boy.)

I don't recall hearing or reading about your best friend, Sarah - I'm so sorry. :-(

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Oh my, what a doll! I'm thinking Meg, but who knows... :)

Glad you got a friend to help fill the void. I don't know what I would do without my dogs.

Orkneyflowers said...

Very cute.

Sarah said...

Big long reply comment. :)

HRM - Oh, I know. Those freckles are even more devastating in person.

Affectionknit - thank you! She really is so sweet.

Dreamer - Welcome! Meg was my first choice, too. :)

Ann, I would love a kelpie if we had more livestock. Those dogs are a.maz.ing.

Lindsay, aren't patient husbands wonderful? I've had border collies since I met him, so he knew what he was getting into, but he's not only reacted gracefully but enthusiastically when my daughter wanted to get a *house* dog - and a chihuahua at that. :) We do what we can to make it easier for him. We vaccuum once a day at least and brush the dogs out daily to keep hair down. (Oh, the hair makes ME crazy too.)

Misty, tell Cade thank-you! Meg it is!

Stace, thank you! :)

Healing Green, I love Niamh too. SO much. It just wasn't working when I talked to her. :( Maybe if I have another daughter .... :)

Cindy - you are in so much trouble. I got lost on that page for an hour. lol I liked Kit a lot also. I had to give myself a stern talking to. I can't wait for your family to meet her. I think you'll love her. She really is so sweet.

Goodwife, Butterfly got hit by a big truck a while back - I posted about it but my computer's running too slow to go look it up now. It was a sad month for us. :*(

Kyrie - HI!!!

Shannon, I really was lost the second I saw her running around with her siblings. Then I met her parents - especially her dad - and it was all over. :)

Rachelle, thank you!

Bovey, I love that show! Whenever I get a chance to watch it I do!

Natalie, I had a chihuahua ban until my daughter wanted one so badly. She taped up a picture of 'the perfect one' and saved and saved and SAVED her money. We found 'the perfect one' who matched her picture exactly and is *such* an amazing, lovely dog. So my chihuahua ban is gone. ;)

Danni, she was answering very well to 'puppy'. lol I hope I can get her used to her new name. She's so smart, I wish you could meet her! I never did post about my best friend. It was such a blow, in every way. She died of diabetes-related complications. My age, with two young children, her body just wasn't strong enough after a childhood in a very poor family who couldn't afford to take care of her as her health problems demanded. She started working as early as she could to pay for her health needs, but it wasn't enough. It helped solidify my feeling on universal healthcare - she needed that when she was a child with a mom who couldn't provide *quite* enough and a drunk dad who *wouldn't* allow money to be spent on 'namby-pamby children who think they're sick'.

Throwback, thank you! It took two years to heal from Dan - now I've got this girl and I'm wondering "How did I go two years without?" :)

Orkney, thank you! :) Meg it is. :)

Wow, that was a *lot* of comments. Thank you!