Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Goat meat tamales to die for.

Remember when I waxed poetic about the first goat meat tamales I made. They were so. good. My computer's running too slow to go find the post for you, so you'll just have to pretend you remember. The only thing wrong with them (according to my husband) was that they were A) goat meat and B) not juicy enough. I pulled out another recipe to try to fix the juicy and went for it with all of my remaining goat meat.

Tamale making is an all-day ordeal.


Nothing else got done yesterday - including Christmas presents that need to be mailed off.

Just making these tamales that smelled so amazingly good. I didn't have time to eat one in between batches because I was too busy making the next batch.

I really should have taken that time.

When they were all done, I sat down to eat some, and people, they were to die for. Seriously. You'd die if you ate them. So incredibly ... GROSS. So, so bad. All 80 of them.



debbiedas said...

Oh no, Sarah. How anti-climatic was that? Better luck next time? xo

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ah ha ha ha ha!
Aw :-(
Sorry...that's a lotta work to die for. :-)

Sarah said...

Debbie, anti-climatic is the perfect word for that. I was literally salivating when I sat down to eat them. :(

Danni, it *is* a lot of work to die for. :) Especially for the goat. I find that when I produce my own meat, I get much more upset if something doesn't work out and the meat - that animal I cared for and signed up for slaughter - gets 'wasted' (though my cats just dug through the flour and ate the meat). I hate it. But, boy, that was a colossal failure. Words cannot describe how horrible and unsaveable they were. Ugh.

the Goodwife said...

Oh no! Really not good? That's too bad!

Danielle said...

OH, this is sooooo up my alley right now! I've got the lard, the corn husks and the masa. I've been putting off making these for whatever reason. I've got tons of lamb meat ground up too, that I could use. I think I'm up for the challenge, even if they don't turn out. I love the title pic by the way!

Danielle said...

P.s. describe gross. What did you do differently and what would you do next time if there ever were a next time?

Sarah said...

Danielle, the goat meat inside turned out almost as good as last time, but still not juicy at all. It was the new flour mixture I used for the outside. Not nearly enough liquid - the consistency was all wrong. Also, I made the flour part too thick, so it was almost 3 or 4 parts flour to 1 part meat. The flour mixture couldn't get steamed all the way through, so that was bad too. So disappointing.