Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween in the country.

It's not so exciting. It takes an hour to go to four houses since you have to drive there, do the polite chit chat for ten minutes or more (while the kids either moan about boredom or disappear with the kids there and get upset about leaving), and then drive to the next house. This year, we opted to go into the nearest 'big town' for parties and trick or treating.

The kids were all superheroes this year.

If you care about the sewing details - which likely only my sister does - you can read about them on my other blog.


the Goodwife said...

Too cute!

We've never really trick or treated, except when The Youngun was really little. Then we only went to family and yes it does take ahwile when family lives an hour apart!

Buttongirl said...

Love the costumes!
This country halloween thing has been a learning experience. The first year here in our little village, I thought "these wimpy country kids!" when I saw trailers of kids pulled by ATVs, kids sitting in the back of pickup trucks, and being driven door to door in station wagons.

I'm a city kid, and no way was any parent going to drive us around trick or treating! We walked, the kids trudged and complained, but they got more than enough candy.

This year I understood. There were about 10 houses in our whole village actually participating. Some were close together, but most were a few blocks apart. After an hour and a very little loot, we returned home feeling quite cold and bummed out. My daughter said "well at least there's probably a lot of candy still left at home."

There wasn't! All those kids from the country roads had come in van loads. We were actually out of candy, and my husband was turning the trick or treaters away.

Next year: getting in the car, stopping at houses along the country road on our way to the nearer "large" town. So much for "wimpy"!