Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunflower House

It worked this year!

Last year it didn't work out so well. Not planted thickly enough, not protected well enough from the goats.

This year, I marked the walls and then poured on the seed that I'd saved from last year instead of planting one seed per foot.

It's perfect. Started a bit late, due to the cold spring, but perfect. The bantam chickens love it too.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME! We were going to do one of these this year...but with all the squirrels in our yard - the sunflowers don't have a chance. We did a "morning glory teepee" instead. -Debbie

Amanda is said...

This is a wonderful idea Sarah. Why didn't I think of something like this when my girls were young?

Christy said...

That is so awesome!

Jess said...

Oh, how fun. FUN! I was thinking of doing this with corn this year, but of course didn't get it done. It's definitely on my list for next year! (That is the wonderful thing about gardens)

Malina said...

Yours looks awesome! I will succeed one year, even though this years was a disaster.

Sarah said...

Debbie, we don't have squirrels here. How weird is that? But we have voles and they did get some of the seeds. Our super mouser helped fend them off long enough to get the seeds going.

Amanda, it's fun, isn't it? Not my idea - I got it from a book, I think - but it's so fun.

Jess, doing it with corn is a great idea! Thicker with fewer seeds.

Malina, that is the story of my garden. Disaster, disaster, disaster, SUCCESS! Next project. Disaster, disaster ... Well, you know. :)

Maria said...

Debbie - I was planning a morning glory teepee this year but didn't get to it! Tell me how it went!

Love it Sarah! *sigh* next year! But perhaps a playdate in the sunflower house?