Friday, August 27, 2010

County Fair Blast From the Past

When we went to our county fair, I walked through the antiques building and saw these photos.

Little 3 year old Jay in 1939 getting on his horse.

I need to take pictures of how Ains gets on her horse.

It makes me smile to think that that little boy is now 74 years old.

This is Betty and Shirley milking Blossom.

I want a Blossom.

And my favorite - 'The Eastwoods - Plowing Garden'.

Folks, not many of us these days have that in us.


Anonymous said...

Aint that the truth. I was also thinking about how many parents would never let their kids get on a horse at three years old - let alone via a ladder. Times have changed. Thanks for sharing Sarah. -Debbie

Bovey Belle said...

That's a big horse for a wee one to scramble up! Not many horses I've known would allow such liberties with a ladder!!

Wonderful old photos - immensely hard work with the hand plough though. You can see why some folk didn't make old bones.

Jess said...

Oh, I just love old photos. That first one of the little guy climbing onto his horse is so fun!

Stephanie said...

not me! (don't have it.)

CCC said...

Mmmh. I feel like I do that plowing thing everyday but with me pulling it.

When I was a kid, (only real old people like me say that I think) there was a boy that used to ride a really tall appy gelding of his grandpa's and I saw him actually shinny up the front left leg of that horse till he could grab on the mane and pull himself on. Or climb up on the top wire of a barbwire fence if one was close.

The trick to letting kids ride that young is, very old horse that moves slow and no saddle.

Simpson Home said...

And to think she was wearing full skirts (to the ground) and a bonnet- plus the slips etc. Makes me sweat just looking at her. Thanks for the sweet reminder of life in the past.

farmer said...

great photos!