Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Standing at attention.

I've never seen any factory-produced eggs do this.

The picture doesn't do it justice. Those egg yolks weren't flattening out or breaking easily, and they weren't a pale, insipid yellow. These farm eggs, especially the spring ones, are bright orange and sturdy. I love it.

And with spring here, the girls (mostly Ainsley) can't be kept off of the horses.

Ainsley mostly rides Daisy, while Hannah rides Princess the pony. Halfway through one of the rides, Hannah talked Ains into trading mounts and after riding for a few seconds, Ains exclaimed "You is on a big horse, Hannah!" It had apparently never occurred to her while she was riding Daisy that Daisy was a big horse.


Goodwife said...

Too cute!

chook said...

there's nothing better than girls and horses. i'm still horse crazy, after all these years.

Cindy said...

I can totally hear Ainsley's cute voice saying that. :-)

Maria said...

adorable! can we come visit? :o)

just had to mention that my verification word was "catorksh" just thought that was funny lol

Kytsmom said...

My mom has chickens I only get her eggs. My sister-in-law won't take them from her since they're "FRESH". Duh, thata's the point. Who know how freakin' long those store eggs have been there in the store and when the chicken actually laid them. I'm dying to see a post about how you prepare a chicken for that nights dinner. I had that experience when I was younger and it was interesting to say the least! I've got your back on that one!