Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring means snow.

At least it does here, and I've come to expect it. Usually, though, the snow comes and is gone within one day - maybe two. We got snow last Friday night.

We ended up having our Easter egg hunt inside on Sunday because it was still hanging around. Here it is Tuesday and it's *still* here. We even had hail yesterday, but that's just piled on top of the snow. It looks like it's here to stay until at least this weekend.

Butterfly is loving it. He doesn't look happy in this picture, but he's in his element. He won't come in the house at all anymore. He sleeps in the middle of the yard in the deepest snow he can find. He's constantly bugging Cygnus to play with him. It's adorable.

So now we just wait for the sun to come back.


Jody M said...

My inlaws Leo did the same thing! Out in a snow bank, sleeping away, snow still falling. Happy as a clam.

Cindy said...

Butterfly. Yea, he looks just like a butterfly. LOL

That's pretty funny that he loves being in the snow all night. Guess it's all that extra fur he has!

Goodwife said...

Aww! How sweet! Butterfly is just darling. How is your little one going to take it if he goes to live with somebody else?

Conny said...

Yes, the inevitable April snow. Looking forward to the arrival of warmer weather for you.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Butterfly is SO handsome! My goodness, he a sweetie pie. Is he actually smiling in that picture? lol
Ugh. snow.

Kytsmom said...

It looks so amazing there. But, I'm sure you're itchin' to get your garden/crops goin'. I'll post on my blog my pathdedic excuse for a garden to show you what little area I have to attempt to have some fresh veggies!