Saturday, March 20, 2010

New beginnings.

About three weeks ago - right at the end of our trip to Arizona - Hannah's goat Beauty had a baby boy. Hannah named him Diamond and is torn on whether to be sad because he's a boy so he has a less obvious place in our operation or whether to be thrilled because he's a boy so she can sell him and add the money to her chihuahua fund.

Here he is with his momma. If you have the head for keeping track of these things, Beauty is Tiffany's daughter (Tiffany is the white goat with triplet babies). Last year Beauty had her first babies, a male and a female. Hannah sold me the male because he was a stellar specimen (he's my current buck) and kept the female who she named Rose, so she has two females in her herd.

Since I don't milk heavily - if at all - on a first time momma, Hannah's main responsibilities with her goat last year were helping feed and helping keep them tame. This year, with Beauty in milk production, we talked about what her new duties would include. She helps me separate the mommas and babies at night, watch her siblings while I milk, help put the goats back together after milking, strain the milk, and help make cheese. It's a lot, but it is part of owning the animals.

Ainsley showed interest in owning a goat for the first time this year, so I gave her Delta. Delta's Tiffany's long-eared baby. I named her twin sister Dawn. Don't hate on me.

Right now her only job is to love on that baby and she is amazing at her job.

I was going to have Hannah pass her first female baby on to Ainsley as a 'Pay It Forward' type move, and she was willing, but little kids just don't get excited about getting a year-old-baby. They need a baby-baby, so Hannah got to keep Rose and Ains got my Delta.

My last big momma to give birth did so three days ago. These are Physion's little boys.

Such cuties, aren't they? So bummed that they're boys.

It makes me try to think of turning them into cart goats or something to keep them. They're awfully sweet and very pretty. No more long ears, though. In fact one of them has the tiniest ear buds I've seen on any of my LaManchas.

I've got three goats in milk instead of four this year, but that's more than enough milk for what I'm planning. Perfecting cheese, drinking milk (it is so satisfying to have your daughter ask for "Goat milk, if you have it."), and making a tentative foray into soap.


Goodwife said...

Those bucklings are adorable! I can just seem the pulling a cart! We love our goat milk too. My daughter hasn't drank much milk at all since we dried our does off last fall. We are all waiting anxiously for March 26, the day we will start milking Tulip again! Loved the pics! :)

Maria said...

yes - adorable cart pullers!

And that pic of Ains with her goat - its' ears!! Too adorable.