Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I can be patient.

I took a much-needed vacation with my kids a few weeks ago. We went to Arizona to see the sun (and my sister's family, of course). We had so much fun with both and when I came home I was dreading, a bit, stepping back into cold, windy, wintery weather.

When we were a few miles from our house, we saw the first rainbow of the year. When I stepped out of the car, I was greeted by crisp, earthy-smelling air, a light breeze, and flock after flock of geese flying over, calling out their springtime call. And my chickens had started laying.

It was the best "Welcome Home" I could have gotten.

For the next few days, we settled into disappearing snow, open windows, outside play, and the long-absent egg-drop soup.

Tuesday morning I woke up to this.

In Hannah's words, "It's turned from nice weather to crap weather."

But it's ok. I've had a taste of summer sun in Arizona and a taste of spring here. I can hold on another few weeks until spring starts in earnest.

So we're doing 'inside stuff'. Crafts, starting seeds, and working on a hammock.


chook said...

wow, you really got some. we only saw the remnants falling from the sky, a grim reminder of winter.

healinggreen said...

What a great return home :) And,oooh, a hammock! I love hammocks. I don't have anywhere to put one here, but I love them so.

Jess said...

Seriously. Making a hammock? How cool is that!

Bovey Belle said...

Hey, I've got gardening gloves JUST like that here in Wales! Hope you have the sunshine for the hammock - we have had two very wet summers in a row, and a third nearly as wet before that . . . We really could do with some SUN. Oh, and no more snow please - had a skinful of snow and ice this winter again . . .