Sunday, March 21, 2010

Getting the ground ready for berries.

And a trip to town for lumber. That's what we did yesterday.

This looks like a lot of compost doesn't it?

When it's distributed, it really doesn't look like a lot. My husband disagrees, but he's the one who did the spreading while I moved the truck for him. This was my view.

And this.

I like my view.

The kids did a lot of this.

And playing with the horn, and the radio, and the lights, and the dogs.

Who ended up doing a lot of this.

It was a long day.

And before you think I'm a sucker about this dog, let me tell you this - my sister, who is most definitely *not* a dog person may or may not be - after one three hour visit at my house - be petitioning her husband to get this dog to go live with her. He's that awesome.


Goodwife said...

He does look like a wonderful animal! I can't wait to find out who ends up as his pet! :)

Maria said...

aww - I'm up a dog person - it's just that cats are easier! lol but ats aren't good kid pets so much

and he is awesome!
psst - I think I got him! as long as we find a house large enuf for him!


Maria said...

I take that back. I thought about it and I'm not really a dog person. I got bit by a cousin's guard dog while on vacation (I was 5 I think) and am surprised that I am not terrified of dogs as a result.

Which is why my attraction to Butterfly is so baffeling to me. He is super sweet and even Em isn't intimidated by him. Which of course makes me know he would be a good fit for us.

woodchuck said...

Hey Sarah! Looks fun! I'm in Boise (I emailed you once before from SW Idaho Unschoolers list) and I'd love to tour your place some time. We just bought ourselves 5 acres and 2 pygmy goats...we're a little overwhelmed but pretty excited. What to do with it all? So many ideas! Anyway, just sayin hi.