Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finding local food in Arizona.

I wussed out on our Idaho winter and came down to Arizona for a week. I've been staying with my sister in a town near Phoenix. She recently watched Food, Inc. and decided that she wanted to change where she bought her meat. Fantastic! I was so thrilled because she is the demographic that the local food movement should be targeting. She's an educated, suburban woman. She had the same issues with making the changes that everyone of our generation does. Where do you find the kind of food you're wanting to buy? (Here, here, and here are good places to start.) How do I know what to ask them? How do I know I can trust them? And once you find the source, you then have to learn how to plan meals differently, maybe even learn different recipes. It can be an overwhelming jump to make.

We went to a mini-market the other day. It was small, but fun.

We found a good option for eggs - I'm trying to convince her that chicken meat and eggs should be on her list of foods to change - and information about a weekly market in her area that has a vendor who sells locally produced beef that she can buy single cuts of meat from. That way she doesn't have to jump right into buying a whole or half steer.

I also found out something about Arizona jams. They all have peppers in them.

Habanero Mango. Jalapeno Pepper Jam. Habanero Pineapple Jam.

Raspberry Jalapeno Jam. Chipotle Plum Jam.

Chipotle Raspberry Jam. Chipotle Tomato Jam.

I spent all my money on some homemade barbecue spices for my husband to try or I would have grabbed a jar of that Chipotle Raspberry Jam. Looked intriguing.


Goodwife said...

That is interesting. I love sweet and spicy so I'd probably enjoy those jams! Looks like fun!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Gee, wouldn't it be fun to have a Farmer's Market open in FEBRUARY??? lol
Sounds like you're having a really fun trip. So, the addition of the peppers to the jam/jelly - this gives it a spicy taste? Not sure if I'd want spicy on my morning toast - lol.
I'm actually going to try my hand at growing some hot peppers this year. Among other varieties, I actually found some seeds for the novelty "Peter" pepper (also known by a number of other, ahem, nicknames).... we'll see if they sprout. :-) :-) :-)

Grace said...

A trip to Arizona sounds like a slice of heaven!

Thanks for the link to the Eat Well Guide. I hadn't seen it before, and it provided a fairly accurate picture of what's available in our area.

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

ONce she's made that change over, she'll never go back! It's teh right move :D