Thursday, January 21, 2010

First babies of the year!

And no, they aren't hordes of tiny mice babies. (Although I did get the funniest email with the suggestion that the recent mouse incidents may have been an Idahoan Desperaux-type stirring up the masses.)

One of my favorite goats, Tiffani, surprised me tonight by giving birth to triplets. It wasn't the triplets that were the suprise - she usually births triplets - it was the timing. She was due at the beginning of February and Tamari was due any day now. I think I mixed them up when I wrote down the breeding dates.

So here they are - (sorry about the picture quality - camera/daylight/always-moving-kids conspired against me)

The single male.
One of the females - she's a beauty.

And the other female - she's also a beauty.

Her buff coloring is striking. But look closely.

Do you see something ... different about her?

If you haven't caught it yet, don't feel bad. I actually had to point it out to my husband who let out an uncharacteristic exclamation when he realized. How about a clue? Here's her mom (this picture was taken at our old place right after we got her).*

Here's her mom with a bunch of other goats that we have.

All of our goats are LaMancha goats. It's a breed trademark that "LaManchas have tiny ears which come in two types: "gopher ears", which are little "sweet rolls"; and "elf ears", which are little hooked ears less than 2 inches long."

Now look at her again.


Isn't she darling??? That noise you hear is me squee-ing. I adore my LaManchas and their teeny tiny no-ears. To have this little girl on the place as the odd-girl-out is going to be fun! Though my daughter is already stressing that the other goats are going to make fun of her.

Now they've been moved to the strawed-down maternity suite. I have a tough decision to make now. Do I leave all three goats on her or 'bum' one. I'm already planning on 'bumming' any females my Tamari goat has (it will be the first time I've taken any babies away from a momma and raised them myself, though it's common dairy practice), and I expect Tamari to have at least one female. If I bummed one of these and Tamari only had one female, it wouldn't be lonely - to be alone is a cruel fate for a goat, especially a baby - and removing one of the three might affect Tiffani's milk yield for the better. Though it might affect it for the worse. (Is that even grammatically correct?) I wish I had more knowledge of these things (grammar and milk production).

So we've got babies on the farm! Even that couldn't tempt Ainsley outside, but that's a subject for another post on another blog.

*Full-disclosure: Her mother is not purebred LaMancha. She does have a smidgen of Nubian in her (notice her gorgeous Roman Nose that my other LaManchas don't have) and I'm assuming that that's where these airplane ears come from.


Garden Pheenix said...

I want goats now. Badly lol.

*Plans goat arrives at Ballymore*

Adorable ;c) Kids and goats alike!

G-B said...

I know absolutely nothing about raising goats, but those have got to be the cutest babies ever!

On a side note, your use of the word "affect" is correct. (I edit writing for a living from home.)

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. They're like a breath of spring. :)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ohhhhhhhh, babies!!! Congratulations! I'd been wondering what you'd been up to lately. They are beautiful! I would love to be around those little tiny sweetie pies :-)

Goodwife said...

I noticed her ears right off! I've got no advice about the bumming. My babies are all dam raised, then I just milk once a day. My doe Tulip had triples last year and at 8 weeks I weaned two of them off her and left her one. I had to go to milking twice a day because she had so much milk. Good luck with your decision. daughter wants to bottle a kid this year so I'm going to be in a similar dilemma! :)

michelle | bleeding espresso said...

Oh my are these babies adorable! I'm a relatively new goat caretaker...our three girls were bred for the first time this past fall. Can't wait for babies!

Grizzly Girl said...

I love the ears! They're so cute! Kind of reminded me of a donkey's ears.

Ah, baby goats let me know that Spring is right around the corner! :)

Sarah said...

Thanks guys! They are so darling.

Michelle, you are going to *love* goat babies. Soooo playful.

Goodwife, thanks for the advice on triplets. I wasn't sure what to do there. I've never pulled a baby goat off before, but I'm planning on doing it if Tamari has a girl because of temperament issues. She's my 2nd best milker and my favorite goat. She's as sweet as honey but her baby girls? Crazy, crazy, CRAZY. I really want to keep one of her offspring, but I've had to sell the last two girls she's had (she always has one boy and one girl) because they were untameable with the amount of time and energy I had - with little kids that need to be able to walk through the field with me, they don't get years to 'gentle'. The strange thing is, the males she has are completely gentle and sweet. So this year is my last hurrah saving a female from her. I hate to do it - I'd prefer to milk from the side like I always do.

Maria said...

squeeee! cute, cute, CUTE!!!

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Oh my Sarah they are darling! I bet the girls are excited. I know twins in cows are pain - I am looking forward to seeing how your triplets do.

Bovey Belle said...

I did notice her ears, but I think they give her such character - a little stray Anglo-Nubian gene has given her such individuality . . .