Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Duck Duck Goose.

I was walking out to feed the calves one evening a few weeks ago and found this little lady floundering across our garden with a broken wing.

It's not broken at the shoulder, so I looked around online for help. I already knew, from an experience over the summer with an owl with a broken wing, that there are no wildlife rehabilitation places around here (though plenty of my husband's friends who hunt said they could 'take it off my hands') and that vets in this area would tell me to wring its neck, so I was on my own with this.

I waded through all of the 'Take it to the vet' and 'Are you nuts? You're not *qualified* to take care of a duck' answers that had been given to others who had asked the same question online and finally found a website that helped.

Hannah and I wrapped her up and made her a comfortable home in a rabbit hutch in a shed. My biggest worry was that she would succumb to captivity despair, but after two days she started quacking softly to us, and now she yells when she hears us outside the shed. If I could, I'd move her cage in with my chickens, but I'm not sure there aren't avian diseases that cross over there - still checking on that.

She still needs six more weeks in the bandage. After that, if her wing appears to be healed and there's no danger to the chickens, I'll stick her in the chicken coop to strengthen her wings, and let her leave from there. I'm not letting the girls hold her a lot, so I'm hoping that when we are able to release her, she's not too tamed down. Not that I'd mind a duck hanging around.


seasonseatingsfarm said...

My chickens, ducks and turkeys live together. As long as she shows no signs of disease while she's in quarantine she'll be fine with the chickens as long as they don't pick on her. You should know in a couple of weeks if she's healthy. If there's a way she can be situated to see the chickens it might help with loneliness. She's a mallard.

Bovey Belle said...

I hope she heals well. Our hens and ducks used to live together. As long as she has some water she can dip her head in at feeding time (and I dare say she'd love some to float on too!) she'll be fine.

Emerald said...

curious as to the continuation of this intrigue... ?