Thursday, November 12, 2009

Collecting flower seeds.

Today we finished collecting flower seeds from our butterfly garden.

The last ones to come in were the marigold seeds which are fun all the way around - the seed heads snap off easily (and there are *so* many), the seeds pop out easy (and, good heaves, there are *so* many), and you're left with a pile of empty seed pods left for crafting. Very fun.

We also collected some wildflower seeds and the last of the calendula.

We harvested our sunflower seeds right before our freak snow storm. We collected about one-quarter of the seed heads and left the rest for the birds. Since the garden's right outside our window, we've gotten to watch some really funny seed eating antics, none of which I seem to be able to capture on film.


Conny said...

Marigold seeds - I remember collecting them as a kid, I still do on occassion. I love the new header on your blog, by the way: it's very intriguing. Is it a satellite dish? Very cool indeed.

Sarah said...

Conny, that's a calf hutch turned on it's side. Makes for a cool picture, doesn't it? My two oldest liked running back and forth in it like hamsters on a wheel. Now it's in my goat pasture for their winter shelter.

SquirrelQueen said...

You have a beautiful blog, I love the photos of the little bird in this post. Your header is fantastic, a calf hutch apparently makes a great toy!

trixi said...

Great new header!! I wish I had a garden full of sunflowers.

RunninL8 said...

Wish I had thought to collect the seeds from our butterfly garden for next year-instead of buying the flowers!! Arg!