Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cold days are here to stay.

No more of this.

This calf hutch that they got to play in for a few days is out in the goat pen for winter shelter and I have to admit that I'm really glad. That's not something they can play in without me being right there watching because of the danger of a leg getting caught in the door. Not real likely to happen with Hannah, but the two youngest don't have the ability yet to grasp the danger.

They're fun to watch in it, though. Like hamsters in a wheel. Their favorite thing is to have one person run fast and make them slide, so it was especially fun for them when they could talk me into turning it for them.

It doesn't appear that we'll get any more warm (in the range of 50-60 degrees) days until late spring from here on out.

Bring on the snow!


Garden Pheenix said...

I love the new header picture! Also... I kinda want to jump in there with the kids lol.

I have thought of your blog often lately because we've had non stop wind storms and I keep thinking "It blows here too!"


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Still having a few warmer days here in West Michigan, but our time is comin'! By the end of next week we could get a bit of snow, and for me, that means I hunker down here at home!

Christy said...

I want one of those for the goats!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oooooh....awesome banner photo! That is amazing. I love it!
Though I don't care much for the departure of the sun and mild temperatures. We've had a spat of nasty-ass weather here. It's rained every day for almost the last two weeks and now we'll have temps in the 40's and are supposed to receive 8 inches of rain in the next 7 days. ugh.
Stay warm!

Bovey Belle said...

That looks like fun, but as you said, the little ones need supervision to play safely in it. Bet they slept well at night after a couple of hours playing in that!

Oh, and your blog title is very appropriate as we are having the next edition of a 12-hours-already gale here . . .

Conny said...

What another fun picture! Assuming the children won't stay indoors the entire winter, what kinds of play will be found?

Cheers ~ Conny

Paula said...

Oh man! All I got to play with when I was a kid were cardboard boxes. That looks like lots more fun.

Farmgirl sounds like she's in Oregon. That's what we're dealing with as well.