Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Doing what we can outside.

It's cold, and it's snowy, and we're keeping guests entertained.

Gray makes it easy.

Yesterday was pony and horse riding. Today was a long four-wheeler ride in the desert.

Matt laughed at me for bringing blankets and extra hats.

Andrew, one of our little guests, was frustrated at having to put on as many warm clothes as I told him he'd need. "But we're going in the DESERT," he said. "Deserts are HOT." So I took along an extra blanket for him too.

The 'unnecessary' blankets and hats all ended up getting used, thank you very much.

It's nice to be able to find ways to fend off cabin fever - especially when you're stuck in the cabin months earlier than you should be.

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vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

hi Sara,
thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi.
Looks like you guys are making the best of the early cold weather! nothing like a good horsey ride and cruise on a 4wheeler to make your cheeks rosy!

be well,