Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More orange, with a splash of yellow.

Our garden today -

I know this isn't that exciting - seeing as how you've seen these flowers before - but baby, you go with what you've got. And this year, this is what we've got. (Though we will have some bright pink flowers to show you soon!)

The sunflowers are called 'polyheaded', by the way, Danni. I had to ask my sister since she planted the same ones and I misplaced the package. I have some Evening Sun blooming in my vegetable patch with some Russian Mammoth coming right behind them - I'll get pictures soon.


Cindy said...


(But your owl picture at the top scares me!)

Sarah said...

Isn't that a freaky picture? Poor thing had a broken wing - right at the shoulder. I called around and there was no-one who would take a bird with a wing broken at that point. I had to 'take care of it' myself as the only other option was to leave it to starve to death. Gawd, that was so awful.

Kytsmom said...

I loved these pictures, you took great angle shots of them. beautiful. I agree with cindy about the owl, I thought it was stalking at first.

daharja said...

They're absolutely beautiful.

I love yellow flowers, daffodils best of all. The colour is just so stunning, and so happy :-)

Thanks for sharing them with us.