Friday, September 11, 2009

Contented sigh.

While we were sorting through our pepper and tomato plants today, harvesting what needed to be harvested, Hannah said "We're living the life, aren't we, Mother?"

Indeed we are. But it was amazing to hear it from her.

Later, when we were in the kitchen sorting out the bounty, she said "We're rich in vegetables."

Again, indeed we are. What a statement for a little one to make.

And a big thank you goes out to my pest control. You guys rock.


Garden Pheenix said...

They are pest control AND epic amusement. For some reason seeing my chickens always makes me smile ;c)

Amy said...

Being rich in vegetables from your own garden is a wonderful thing to be! How do you get the chickens to eat only the pests!?! My stupid poultry likes to stomp down the plants and then eat them...once they smashed up my garden they moved on to the neighbors' garden! The only plant they just eat the pests from are the neighbors huge 200 year old grapes. They also hide all their eggs in the thick vines of those grapes, tricky birds.

Sarah said...

Pheenix, I agree. My chickens make me feel so contented. I really like them. Have you ever owned turkeys? Those guys are hilarious!

Amy, they don't get constant access to the garden, so when they do get access, they go after the bugs. If I gave them full access, they would probably kill all of the bugs or get bored and go after the plants.

Cindy said...

Hannah is a wise little girl. Sure love her!

SquirrelQueen said...

That is a very nice harvest from your garden and Hannah is wise beyond her years to recognize it. I love your photos.

I have been doing a Farmers' Market photo challenge and the next one is Sept. 26th. The purpose is to raise awareness of locally produced foods. It is not just for markets and I would love to have more home gardens represented. I hope you will join us, it is always such fun and a good cause.

Have a wonderful day.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow - that's a really cool owl pic for your banner photo!
And I love the shot of Grayson standing outside the fence.
More Hannahisms for your (by now incredibly long) list...that girl just stuns me! If you ever wonder whether you're doing a good job with her, all you need to do is open your Hannahisms book. :-)

XUE said...

Your first pic of the veggies on the counter, reminds me of a fabric that I have here! Yes, Japanese fabric with gorgeous little veggies!