Thursday, September 10, 2009

And when we got home ...

Lots of beauty, some heartache.

We've been gone for five days to help my husband's father on his farm in Wyoming. First thing that we saw when we went outside this morning was our zinnia patch welcoming us home.
With no little girls around to pick them right when they show their faces, they were able to get much bigger than they have before.

Also, several new flowers have shown up. The sweet peas added several colors, including a gorgeous purple.

A gladiola peeked out.

The butterfly bush is trying to bloom.

A daisy type plant that went into shock when we planted it has come back and is even throwing out a few blooms.

Our poly-headed sunflowers are getting seriously weighed down with flowers.

And Hannah's little lettuce and carrot garden is doing well, though it could use a drink after five days of no attention.

Then we found our second praying mantis of the year, and she is bursting with eggs. Into the garden she went.

And my dog tried to convince me he wasn't eating my flax seeds.

He loves that stuff.

As for the heartache, the man watching our chickens while we were gone called and told us that something was getting into our chickens. It was only happening during the day, and it was killing one chicken a day. He was stumped, and I was furious. Today when we went out to feed the chickens, I caught the culprit. One of my male cats tried to kill one right in front of me.

We've been having laziness issues with our males for awhile now. These are young adult neutered males and they're as lazy as they come. Only our females and our oldest adult male (all of our males are neutered) hunt the voles (which are so plentiful and easy to catch that even the dog can catch them). These young males steal the voles from the females and apparently have decided that chickens are either easier or more fun to hunt than voles. So the dairy a few fields away that's been asking if we have extra cats for their mice-in-the-haystacks problem will be getting two new cats today. I'm so angry.


ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

Thank you for stopping by, it's nice to meet new friends.
I am envious of your praying mantis. I adore watching them but we have none here in Alaska. Occasionally someone is lucky enough to hatch one in captivity but so far, not us. :)

Conny said...

Sorry to hear about your Bad Boy Cats - it's permanent time-out for them it seems. One never knows what to expect when coming home from a trip - I always hope that my garden is still left standing.

I do love your zinnia patch. It's making me want to plan for one next season. (Making a mental note, now.)

Cindy said...

I have some cats to send your neighbor courtesy of 'cat lady' next door. What's his address?

Seriously though, that is crazy that they were killing your chickens!

Glad you had a great trip.