Friday, September 25, 2009

An afternoon in the gardens.

Rambling post ahead. This year has been a surprisingly gratifying one in our gardens.

Surprising in the vegetable gardens because due to our late move, I couldn't plant much and much of what I did plant was planted late. Our corn won't mature on time (not that that stops my kids from snacking on it).

Does anyone have a recipe or use for immature corn? You know, besides goat feed?

Our peppers and tomatoes have been producing like mad (though the tomatoes are taking a long time to ripen) which is so very satisfying.

At our other place, only thirty minutes east of here, I could never get tomatoes or peppers to fruit, even with a longer season, so obviously I'm *thrilled* at the production possibilities here.

Just look at this pepper plant. It's a type called 'Holy Mole' and it's like a tree. Right next to it are my little shrub like (and high producing also) habaneros.

We found another minor case of smut.

Fascinating stuff.

A reality check on how many rodents we have out here even with all of our barn cats.

And the cycle of life. The necessity of life forms that assist in decomposition.

Speaking of assisting in decomposition ...

Well, that last one was a fresh kill.

The surprise in our flower garden has been the joy we've gotten from it and the enthusiastic plans we're making for the next year. We expected it to be interesting and fun, but we've kind of gotten addicted to our flowers. Blame it on the zinnias and sunflowers.

Though the sunflowers are beginning to die.

I'm still finding living ones in the oddest places.

My poor catnip plant keeps sending up shoots in a vain attempt at survival.

Vain because of this addict.

Even a wire cage won't keep her out.

Our zinnias are out of control, producing such abundant, gorgeous flowers that my daughter has decided to become a flower seller like Eliza Doolittle. To keep her from wandering the streets saying "Buy a flower off a poor miss?", we've started to talk about other ways she could sell flowers next year. So while we'll probably have several rows of zinnias interspersed in our vegetable garden next year, this year she's content with wandering our smaller zinnia patch with scissors and a basket singing "All I want is a room somewhere".

And we've been getting the butterflies we wanted to get.

Does anyone know what these plants are? I'm hoping the one in the second picture is calendula. All were given to me unmarked.

Then there's the nematocidal marigolds.

If you plant these, be aware - they're a bush. A big, spreading bush. They're lovely, really, but the plant is huge.

We started harvesting our flax today.

My girl's in a poncho because she was cold. In 80 degree heat.

Then she got tired.

Our neighboring farm is chopping their fields of feed corn this week, so my husband took the kids out into the fields to explore before the sky high corn is gone.

It was a good lesson in the difference between sweet corn and feed corn. No comparison. The feed corn is hard, slightly bitter stuff.

And that was our afternoon in our gardens.


Katidids said...

Wow, if yoiuwere able to do this in a short seaon you will surly have a great abundant garden next year!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

So much to talk about here...
Aw, Sarah - my zinnias and sunflowers were the prizes in my flower garden this year, too. They make me ridiculously happy!

"A minor case of smut"....snort. Good thing it's not a major case. This is a family blog, after all.

Do you know what type of rodent it is that's eating your stuff? I dug up scores of potatoes with bite marks in them like this, and I've found tomatoes and carrots that have also been chomped. Frustrating - especially the potatoes and I'm still not sure who/what is doing it. Voles, maybe?

What a sweet little kitty with the blue eyes - and wow - such a hunter already! :-) :-)

I *love* the shot of your sunflower hat!

And, ok...don't hate me, but that last picture? With Grayson? He looks just like a little boy. A rough and tumble little boy with absolutely no baby left in him. sniff!!

kimmie said...

little late on this, but the pics of the flowers you are wondering about? top one is yarrow (the yellow flower/grey-green leaves) and yes, the middle pic is calendula. the seeds for them are really cool! all curly-q'd up :)