Friday, August 7, 2009

Wind storm fallout.

When you have sustained 55 mph winds, you have clean-up to do the next day.

Lots of branches fell out of trees. The girls helped me haul them over to the goats who, being goats, were happy to have the browse.

A pair of Swainsons Hawks had a nest in a tree near the shed and it didn't make it through the storm.

That was the bottom platform for the nest. We found several parts of the softer portion of the nest scattered in the field. The hawks were doing their first training flights a few weeks ago and by now are ready to be on their own, so they're not drastically affected by it.

This was an unusual - and mysterious - result of the wind, cold, and rain for the last few days.

The flower buds are black and the stems are falling over.

The leaves are black and dead.

My husband swears it didn't get cold enough for it to be freeze damage. Is it some sort of leaf rot as a result of the excess moisture and low temperatures? The perennials, sunflowers, and zinnias were affected.

It was a beautiful morning for a pony ride. Princess is a lovely pony. Wonderful ground manners that allow for a five-year-old girl to lead her little sister on the pony under an adult's watchful eye. The horse, while good under saddle, and calm on the ground, has just not earned that level of trust yet.

All saddled up and ready for a ride.

Until Ains realized she didn't have her cowboy hat. It was absolutely necessary - I repeat, absolutely necessary, that she get that hat before we went riding so that she wouldn't have 'funky hair'.

Problem solved.

I heard her giggling on the walk and turned around to see her sitting like this.

She stayed like that the whole ride.


Cindy said...

That picture of her in her pink cowboy hat is a winner! So stinkin' cute! You wouldn't want that short hair of hers to get 'funky!'

Also, I know this is so Arizonan of me to say, but I can't get over how GREEN it is there. It looks so luscious.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh dear. I'm so glad that Ainsley got to get her cowboy hat. I completely understand about funky hair! I'm in Illinois right now, where the temp is around 95 degrees with 82% humidity. My normally wavy hair has become a mass of corkscrew curls and frizz - my friends are laughing at me as the day progresses and it gets worse and worse. Funky hair indeed. Tight pony tail and baseball hat will be the hairstyle of choice for the next few days while I'm here!

That's so sad about your flowers - very odd, too. Love that you have a pony so gentle and trustworthy for your sweet girls.

Sarah said...

Thanks Cindy! :)

Danni, I read that you were back East! How fun! I was tickled to see how you'd surprised your friend - very cool. I'm cracking up about your hair. I was raised in Oklahoma with major amounts of humidity, so I'd be interested to see what my hair would do back there now. It's not nearly as wavy as it was when I was a teenager - that drove me NUTS.

Have fun in Illinois!