Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Processing and planting.

I've frozen many, many pounds of goat milk while waiting for some lye so that I can make soap. This scares me (working with lye, not freezing goat milk).

I've rendered down all of the fat from our half of a steer and have bags of frozen tallow in our freezer. Used Trapper Creek's rendering method that worked so well for my pork fat and it worked a charm again with the beef fat, which was a relief. The last two times I've tried to render beef fat, it's smelled like I'm trying to render the carcass, hide and all. This time, no smell at all, just as it was with the pork.

Hannah's pear tomatoes are producing,

and her sunflowers are taller than her sister - and her.

We got such a late start on those that I hope they bloom in time.

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Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow - you are amazing! Fat rendering, huh? I'd heard it was smelly, smelly work - cool that you found a better way to do it. Doesn't surprise me that it came from Trapper Creek (an Oregonian, I might point out - lol). :-)
Your sunflowers look great - the ones the squirrels and chipmunks planted for me are all blooming, but the ones I planted (specialty seed) are still looking pretty small - and I planted them *months* ago. We'll see if my sunflower test garden actually blooms before fall hits!
Mmmm, pear tomatoes...I can practically taste those. Do you think Hannah would maybe send me one? Mine are all still mighty green!