Monday, August 31, 2009

Our first big tomato and I am sore.

Not from picking the tomato. It wasn't that big (and it wasn't even fully red yet, but that wasn't going to stop my girls - it didn't even make it out of the garden area, much less back to the house).

I pitchforked and shoveled out all of the manure that was caked seven inches deep in the shed that I'm going to use as our winter chicken coop. There are no upsides that I've found yet to moving onto a property that was previously occupied by slobs.

Who leaves baling twine wherever they cut it? I've been picking up baling twine from all around the property since we moved in here and I'm still finding it every time I go out in the feedlot or garden area.

Tonight was a real revelation. I'm digging out all of this compressed manure from an old shed and none of it can be used in the garden - I'm hauling all of it to the dump. Want to know what I found in it? Every three shovel loads would twinkle sweetly - crushed glass. Lots of it. No windows in sight. I have no clue. Also, there was lots of crumbly pink insulation from the walls that the shed's previous inhabitants - horses - had exposed by pulling off the walls. Even in jeans and boots, my legs were prickling by the time I was done. But the clincher was the shiny envelope stuck on my pitchfork after dumping one of the loads. Why on earth would there be a condom wrapper in that shed?

Don't answer that.

I just want more ripe tomatoes, and soon.


Jody M said...

Just, wow.

kdbuttongirl said...

There is one upside to moving into a house previously occupied by slobs. Your neighbours are going to LOVE you just for being YOU.


Sarah said...

Buttongirl, you are so right! lol Thank you for that.

Kyre said...

Yiiiikes. I feel for the poor creatures that previously lived in that shed. In more ways than one.

Cindy said...

Itchy insulation. Crushed Glass. Condom wrappers. Ouch. Those poor horses.

Lynna said...

Come visit. Our whole yard area is covered in glass shards!! Not much to do but drink apparently. We're hauling in dirt, but will I ever be comfortable letting my kids run barefoot??