Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Finding chickens.

I got a tip about a family who had raised too many broilers this year and had some to sell, so I called them and today (after filling up pockets with flower petals for 'snacks') we headed over to check out their operation.

They've already harvested all of the broilers, but they showed me their property and how they'd raised the chickens. It was fantastic - windfall apples, pasture pens, and fresh feed from a local granary.

The price seemed fair at $10 per bird. When you know what goes into raising them and then you figure in the slaughter cost, it's what you expect to pay for healthy, well-raised poultry. When we have chicken in the freezer, we usually go through one chicken a week using a method I learned about from Trapper Creek which spreads the chicken over several meals. I'm excited about this - we were going to have to be chicken-free for the winter. My husband, who could happily go the rest of his life without any meat besides beef and lamb is not as excited.

After our outing, we went to the feed store to pick up some essentials - lineman pliers, a pitchfork, and a mane comb. Hannah asked to carry the pitchfork and when I was looking at the pliers I heard her ask "Do I look like the devil?"* and turned around to see this:


* Please note that her only concept of 'the devil' comes from watching Simpsons shows with her daddy. *sigh*


jimmycrackedcorn said...

Cute little devil! :)

Country Girl said...

I agree. It is not cheap to raise meat birds. Love your little devel!