Sunday, August 30, 2009

Do you pray?

Hannah came tearing into the house the other day from riding her bike. "A praying mantis, Mother! I saw a praying mantis!!!" This little guy was fast. I finally caught him by sticking a plastic container on top of him.
(This would be one of those times that I wish my up-close photography was better.)

We studied him for a few minutes.

We tried to measure him.

Some of us even let him walk on us.

Then we stuck him in the zinnia patch to eat bugs for us.

I was excited that she found him - I didn't know we had mantises around here. They're a boon for chemical-free gardens.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oooh....praying mantis's (mantii?) are just sooo cool. Did you know they modeled the alien in the Alien movies after those guys? When my boys were smaller, we went through a praying mantis phase at our house, followed by a walking stick insect phase, and then a snake phase. The snake phase continues on to this day. Boys! :-)
p.s. I love sunflowers, but I also luuuuuhve zinnias!! I'm growing them, too - for the very first time this year.

Conny said...

Ooooh, my forearm is feeling ticklish just thinking about the mantis. Cool bug though.

Cindy said...

Nice pictures! What a great way to inspect the mantis. I especially love Ainser's magnifying glass!

Lynna said...

Cool!! Our kids have one in their classroom at school. They also caught a lizard and put them together. I had no idea how vicious the praying mantis is. He ate out the lizard's brain!! It was crazy!! We were all there = the kids thought it was great, which is slightly disturbing!!

XUE said...

I'm ashamed to say...I'm terrified of praying mantis...& I don't know why. Actually I don't like much of everything that crawls - except for babies!