Monday, August 3, 2009

Chickens and Potato Beetles.

Do chickens not enjoy eating potato beetle larvae?

Because mine are being kind of picky.

When I throw in crickets or worms or earwigs, they go crazy fighting over the bugs, but when I throw in larvae they look .... confused. Even a bit disdainful. A few of them stick around and half-heartedly peck at them for awhile, but they don't seem that into them.

Do I have spoiled chickens or do these larvae just not move around enough to entice the chickens?


Reader Wil said...

Ha, ha.. That's really funny! Your chickens are really choosy!! You spoiled them!

Christy said...

Mine don't like a lot of bugs I throw to them. Chickens are silly.

Erica said...

My hens have gotten kind of spoiled too! Some bugs are great, others they won't give the time of day too.