Monday, August 17, 2009

An arrival.

Our caterpillar has changed. Head over to my other blog for the story.

Today I took only a few pictures outside - and those were of my girls in their flower garden (I'll post them soon) - even though we were outside most of the day.

Today I -

-washed the patio furniture
-watered the gardens
-checked on my goats (an ordeal all its own with a buck goat that must be not only kept separate from the girls but out of smelling distance of the house)
-cobbled together a new home for my chickens (A never-ending source of frustration since we moved here. I almost sold all of my chickens two days ago just to end the saga.)
-listened to my children playing around me while I worked. Grayson chasing the chickens with a kazoo, Hannah cuddling the teenaged chickens, Ainsley trying to climb straight up a tree. It was ... it was beyond lovely. Why don't we have a word for deeply-blissfully-happy? (You know, when you're not stressing about your chickens.)
-learned how to move big water pipes in the field (and got to watch my two little girls talking to each other through a fifty foot long pipe)

Tomorrow I need to make new nesting boxes and roosts. I'm crossing my fingers that next year I can afford to get electrified poultry netting for my girls. My poultry girls, not my little human girls. Though ...



Yeah. Kidding.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

You got a lot done and had an amazing time while doing it! Sory about the struggles with the chickens, though.
Oh, and..."why don't we have a word for deeply-blissfully-happy?" Here you go: it's "deblippy". All you had to do was ask. :-)

Sarah said...

Danni, you made me start giggling. Then laughing. Then Hannah asked why I was laughing and I told her I was deblippy. She looked at me like I was deblippy.