Thursday, July 2, 2009

A visit to the neighbor's garden.

We went to say goodbye to our closest neighbors at our old house. She invited the girls to explore her garden and they loved it.

Ainsley loved the owl figurine. She talked to it and petted it and fed it grass. She told me he wasn't 'bery enegetic'. No, I wouldn't think he would be. She told the stone man sitting behind him what a nice owl he had.

Hannah liked the espaliered apple tree - I've never seen one outside of a book, it was really cool - and all of the many, many purple flowers the neighbor had.
I liked the creeping thyme along the stone walkway. This was an amazing plant. It looked a bit like moss until you got down close to it. If you broke some off and smelled it, it smelled just like thyme ('like spaghetti sauce' said Hannah). If you pushed down on it or stepped on it, it gave way and then bounced off like there had not been any weight on it at all.

We all liked the heart-shaped hydrangea. Doesn't get much sweeter than that.

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Tuan's Princess said...

Beautiful! *sigh* some day!