Saturday, July 25, 2009

A skirt a week keeps little girls happy.

Not really one every week, but two new skirts in the last month - simple, fast ones to round out their wardrobes.

Two weeks ago I made these skirts from the Lazy Days pattern offered for free by Oliver + S.

Very simple, very fast pattern, and that's always good when you have girls waiting.

I really liked the idea behind the enclosed hem. Instead of using ribbon, I made bias tape from coordinating fabric.
When I was a kid, my mom made a lot of our clothes - all of the girls 'Sunday clothes' - because it was cheaper. That's not the case anymore. I have several different reasons for making some clothes for my girls and frugality only comes into it if I come across a really, really, really good deal on fabric (with these skirts, each cost me $3 including the cost of the elastic). The main reason I enjoy making clothes for my girls is individuality. Their handmade clothes are truly one of a kind. Also, the girls get to have a hand in creating their clothes. I tell them which fabrics in my stash would work for a project and they decide which to use.

If you're looking for a really fast, simple skirt to make, this is a good one.


Annie said...

I really love the fabric choices! Lily does favour purple... and pink. She loves both so much and is loving the purple one you made! I wish our girls could play together!

Lindsay said...

Oh those look pretty, and simple enough I might be able to find time to make a couple. Thanks for sharing. :)