Tuesday, July 21, 2009

'The Pose' and yet more flower pictures.

Can you identify these flowers?

These tall pink flowers were in the wildflower mix.

These are from my husband's grandpa's house. I love them. When you stand above them and look straight down on them, they look like bright little suns. Very vibrant color.

I've found that we have a disproportionately large number of orange flowers in our garden, percentage wise - at least four different types.

Hannah's pear tomatoes are ripening up nicely. She's keeping a vigilant eye out for Colorado Potato Beetle larvae.

As for the rest of our day ...

I'm a member of the Growing Naturally webring and we really earned our membership there today. (As if the butterfly garden weren't enough. Or as if 'earning' the membership is even necessary.)

This morning, my girls heard the now common sound of me calling out "Come look! Now!" and they came ... well, they came. Running enthusiastically does get old.

This is what I'd seen while taking the garbage out - three little baby birds lined up on a branch in the pine tree, waiting to take a flying lesson.

Their parents were flying and hovering around them. First one bird, then another, jumped off the branch, flew a few feet and then swerved and landed back in the tree. The third baby was having nothing to do with it. Her parents encouraged her. They entreated her. They even tried to bribe her. One of them brought her a big bug to eat. When she opened her mouth to eat it, the parent flew to a nearby branch and made a funny peeping noise. She looked at the bug, looked at the branch, and then started staring at the sky. So the parent came back, let her have a nibble, grabbed it back and flew to the nearest branch. The baby looked at her, looked at the bug, looked at the branch, and then turned and hopped back to the nest. And that was that.

But about 'The Pose'. Have you seen this pose? The grab-a-magnifying-glass-and-a-camera pose?

Just look at what she'd found.

It was very big. And very green. With yellow dots that looked very much like eyes along its sides. We brought it inside, along with the plant it was found on, and stuck it in our old fish tank. Since she couldn't touch it as much as she wanted to, Ainsley resorted to studying it from an inch away with a magnifying glass.

It is a very pretty caterpillar. (The eyes, which are lower down its sides than the yellow dots on its back, aren't visible in this picture.

Do you know what type of caterpillar this is? We checked here and here but couldn't match it up to anything. I was secretly hoping that it was from the swallowtail butterfly we saw earlier this summer.

After the caterpillar excitement, you can imagine my surprise when I saw The Pose again. Twice in one afternoon.
A baby House Sparrow, fallen from its nest and rescued from the dog - not hurt by either experience. Very young, but old enough to know that peeping was stupid and staying verrry still was smart.

We looked at it, didn't touch it, and left it alone. The parents were circling the area agitatedly and when we left, they came down and fed it. I hope it survives, though it's obviously not likely. But one can hope.


Christy said...

Looks like a great day. If you know where the nest is you can pick the baby bird up and put it back in the nest. The parents won't reject it, that is a myth.

Sarah said...

We did see the nest. I, in all of my blogging geekiness, even took a picture of it. It was about twenty feet up in the pine tree - no way to reach it. I'm amazed that it survived the fall.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

What great learning experiences the girls are having this year!
Are those mosquito bites on poor Ainsley's arms? We've had a bunch around here this year - even after our crazy winter with 3' of snow on the ground for 3 weeks...they're big and nasty this year.

Joy said...

I love the picture of Ainsley hovering over the caterpillar. Priceless! Poor sparrow. :(

Digital Flower Pictures said...

The second flower looks like Pot Marigold or calendula