Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh, the view.

We went out to do yard work at the 'old house' and I snapped these pictures of the view we're leaving behind. How we miss the view.

This is from our house, down the driveway to the road. Down to where you see the driveway curve, another eighth of a mile to another curve, another eighth of a mile to the road. It's a long way. I miss that.

This is also from our house. Across the barley fields you can see the mountains. Not so much where we are now.

We do miss the views at the old house. But from here the girls can see their daddy. No contest, really.


Tuan's Princess said...

After the last couple of days I must agree - no contest there!

Kyre said...

Beautiful views! You must have had so much privacy with a driveway like that. Where is your new house? Is it much farther North (closer to the border *wink wink*)

Christy said...

That is a beautiful view. It must be hard to leave it.