Sunday, July 5, 2009

Heavy load.

Remember when I said that the fruit trees at our 'old' house would get a heavy fruit load this year?

The apple trees are already being weighed down by the small green apples. I can't imagine how heavy they'll be when the apples are three times that size.

Want to see the cherry trees? You have *got* to see the cherry trees. They're already ripe!

Well, they were. The birds got them. Picked clean.

The back of the tree still had some cherries on it, and tart as they were, the girls still couldn't stop eating them. Tastes like summer!
The cherry trees down in the orchard seemed to be faring a little better, so hopefully we'll get some of those.

Even the pine tree is over-producing this year.

This is my favorite fruit tree on the property. I was calling it a plum tree, but I think they're official name is Italian Prunes. Or something. I love the fruits, but that's not why this is my favorite tree. They're my favorite tree because they like to throw a surprise party at the end of every summer. Hidden away in the green leaves, growing bigger and bigger are these little green prunes. Plums. Things. Delicious things.

Can you see them in there?

Then, all at once, overnight, they're dark purple, soft and juicy, ready to eat. I fall in love every summer. Regularly. (pun intended - it's a good thing to be regular, don't you think?)


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Love the header!

Will you go back and harvest all that fruit??

Sarah said...

Yes, we will, as long as it's our house, we'll be harvesting. Rhubarb is still coming.

The cherries are frustrating this year. They're tiny and hard and having a difficult time making the jump from yellow to red. As soon as one turns red, the birds nab it. Ah, well.

Ainead said...

I am so jealous of your heavy load! I'm only just starting out so I've only got a handful of herbs coming along. I dream of having an orchard full of fruit like yours....

daharja said...

Couldn't you net the trees somehow, to stop the birds getting them?

Or try tying old CDs/DVDs in the tree? Anything to stop the birds. I'm not against the birds getting *some* but I think they've had enough, by the look of things!

Tuan's Princess said...

So - um, can we come visit? lol

I finished off the last of our frozen cherries from your place about a month ago. :(

Cindy said...

Ha. Ha. Regular. Plums. *snort*. Seriously, that was pretty funny!