Monday, July 20, 2009

Branding cattle.

Right before we left to go help brand cattle and haul hay, we stuck the kids in the truck and went to load up the cattle. My husband had two of his cows here, each with a calf on her, and we were taking them back to his parent's place to get bred with his other cattle.

My husband had pushed the cows into an alley and asked me to go push them up the alley while he opened the gate to the trailer. Problem is, one of the cows took an exceptional dislike to me before I even opened the gate to the alley. She's a high-headed cow at the best of times, but that evening she decided that the open gate at the end of the alley was too far away and she needed to get away from me NOW. Hence, the need to walk straight through a barbed wire fence and out into the neighboring corn fields. *sigh*

Thirty minutes later, the girls and their babies were in the horse trailer ready to go. This was only possible if I pushed them from about one hundred feet away and stood stock still if her nose went up in the air. When she was about ready to go through a gate, I had to crouch clear down on the ground to get out of her eyesight and even then she was snorting in my general direction.

After we got them loaded up and climbed in the truck, this is what we saw.

So we buckled her up and headed on our way.

My husband is still giving me a hard time about the cow taking me into such extreme dislike since I am usually the one sent in if an animal group needs to be calm while being worked. I've never had a group of sheep or cattle bolt while I work with them if nobody else is interfering, so this was a real surprise. As a precaution, and because somebody needed to watch the kids, I was told to stay away while they worked her through the chute the next day, so this is the only picture I got of the branding/vaccination/dehorning/castrating chores the next day.

I put pictures of my day up at my other blog. Enjoy!


Christy said...

Strange that the cow would take such a dislike to you.

Sarah said...

Christy, it really was the strangest thing to me. Not to my husband, since he's been around animals his whole life and understands that sometimes certain animals take a disliking to certain individuals, but for me, who usually has animals work very quietly around her, it was startling. I almost took it personally. :)