Friday, July 17, 2009

Bits and pieces.

- Thank you for your help on the larvae. I'm so embarrassed that I didn't seek out pictures of the larvae of the Colorado Potato Beetles - especially since I'd seen the beetles running around. This morning we had a party that involved our potato patch, many hands, and a bucket of water. It was a very successful party - you've never partied until you've been to a larvae picking party with everyone singing Laurie Berkner songs.

- Two nights ago, there was a trailer there. Yesterday morning the trailer was gone and this was (is) what was left. I walked out on my porch and was stunned to see it just gone.

Three families lived there in that little trailer. I never got to know them because they were quite private. We waved to each other when they picked up mail, but living as they do, with no official papers, they were extremely cautious of forming relationships outside of their own culture. I don't know why they had to move so quickly - though I can guess. I hope they're able to find work wherever they're going. This is very common in the area we live in and it makes me very, very sad.

- We went to a local greenhouse to pick up one or two more flowers for the butterfly garden. They happened to be having a huge clearance sale on their plants - annuals *and* perennials - so we picked up a few more than one or two.

This morning we placed them in the garden where we wanted them and stood back to look at it. Then Hannah went in and picked up ones she didn't like the placement on and moved them around.Those large plants on the border are sunflowers - they are growing so fast.

She had help. Unwanted help, but help nonetheless.One of the plants we got was called catmint.I didn't think it would have the same effect as catnip, but it does.This would have been a good unschooly moment to talk about drugs and how they can affect your life, turning you into a creature who doesn't care that a dog's chewing on your tail because you're too busy rubbing your face in the drug of choice. But I didn't take the chance - we just giggled.

Tomorrow it's branding and haying for us. Should be fun.


Christy said...

My echinacae isn't looking good. I hope it makes it. I didn't get it on sale :(

Renee said...

You just gave me an idea! I thought I would never plant catnip in my yard for fear the neighbors cats would take start to use my garden as their litter box. I wonder if I planted catnip away from my garden beds, if the cats will hang out there instead of wandering through the beds.

Do you know... does catnip hurt cats? I don't want to hurt the cats - just lure them away.

Sarah said...

Oh, Christy. I hope it makes it. That's so frustrating. That happened to the basil we put in Hannah's garden.

Renee, catnip doesn't hurt a cat in part because it's effect is so short-lived. After a few minutes of going a bit nutty in the plant, they wander off (or go to sleep :)). After about an hour or so, they'll come back, but again the effect only lasts for a few minutes before their senses are overloaded and they wander off.

Not a bad idea to plant a catnip trap. lol