Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pony ridin'

Little wind, threatening rain, cool weather - this has been the last few nights. And each night we saddle up the pony and the horse and take the girls for a ride.

Hannah's working on independent reining right now. We could have her practicing truly independent reining on Daisy, the horse we bought for that purpose, but Hannah has claimed Princess the pony and Ainsley has claimed "Daisy Pony", so Hannah must practice reining on a lead rope. Princess is a great pony, don't get me wrong, but she's more 'little horse' than 'pony plug'. Lots of energy, that one, and even though she's kind and gentle, a child must not only know how to brake but have the physical and mental strength to back the request up.

Ainsley is working on balance and feeling more secure on the back of a horse. I can't believe she's doing this. I remember when Hannah enjoyed these little games and now my littler girl is doing it.

Spread your arms out!
Ride backwards!

Touch your head, touch your knees, touch your bum, hold your arms out and twist, ride side-saddle. She does it all with a smile and amazing balance.

Then there's this little one. He has his own ride. No need for any equines.


Kyre said...

Wow, lucky girls. ow I wished for a pony when I was little! I'm amazed at Ainsley's (apparent) comfort and ease on the back of a horse. Incredible for such a young lady.

Tuan's Princess said...

wow! I wish my kiddos had their own ponies to ride. well, and that I new how to teach them to ride. ha-ha!

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

How nice they have wide open spaces to ride - they will be old hands by the time you feel like you can let them out of your sight.

Cindy said...

What a brave girl. Both of your girls appear to be very comfortable around the horses. Cute pictures!