Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How that flower garden is coming...

It was the location of an epic (and epicly fun) mud fight this afternoon.

It was difficult to have a mud fight while avoiding all of the seeds and flowers, but they did it - and they deserved the play. We put in a solid few hours of planting in that garden this morning. We planted annuals (already grown), tomato starts, and lots of seeds.

Our flower garden looked like this when we moved in -
It started out as just a gravel pit. When I took that picture, I'd already started removing the border and some of the rocks.

I removed alot of the gravel, then my husband used a four-wheeler with a blade to remove even more, then I used a rake to remove even more. And I tore my deltoid. It's hurt for two weeks. I don't think mother's muscles get enough rest to heal.

Now the garden looks like this -

It doesn't look like much, but trust me, stuff's happening there. The morning glories (Don't tell me they're a weed. I know, I know.) are starting to pop up at the bottom of the teepee and many of the seeds planted last week are coming up strong. The purchased annuals aren't visible in this picture, but they're adding color to the edge of the garden closest to the house.

We also have a hanging basket of bright blue lobelias (I think) by the front door, right over the flower garden. Since this garden's purpose is to be a butterfly garden, you can imagine how thrilled we were when we looked out the window and saw a huge yellow swallowtail butterfly on our hanging basket. It's come back several days in a row, but I haven't been able to get a picture of it. I have never seen a butterfly so big. When it flies away, over the road, I can see it until it gets past the neighbor's house - it's that big.

I had a lot of pictures for you, but Photobucket and my internet connection are having a disagreement, so these are the ones I uploaded before I lost patience.

The pesto circle with chives in the center.

Hannah's iris. She transplanted it from the small iris bed beside the house. I can't believe it's still alive.

I'm so proud of this patch - it's flax, the seed saved from flax that I planted last year. Look at how well it's sprouting!

Hannah also wanted some veggies in her garden, so a cherry tomato and pear tomato plant went in there. We'll also add some lettuces and carrots.

It's a good start.


❁ Meadow Flower Farm ❁ said...

Oh so nice! I like looking at the progress of plots. I hope you post more pictures as it comes along.

If you stop by mine you'll see progress on our herb and vegetable gardens. We have a wildflower garden going too, and like you said, it doesn't look like much but stuff is happening!

country girl said...

You are such a wonderful mother. I would love to have had a mud fight when I was a little girl. Your girls are going to grow up to be amazing women...just like their mother.

Sarah said...

MFF, thanks for saying hi! I visited your blog. It's lovely.

Country Girl, you made my night. What a sweet, sweet comment. :)

Jody M said...

We've just broken ground on a large flower patch ourselves. I can't wait to finish getting the sod up, the seedlings I have are antsy.

Cindy said...

That is so cool! And Patrick digs your post because you used one of his favorite words "epic".... twice!