Thursday, May 21, 2009

We're moving the chicken coop...

because we're moving our household.

I didn't want to make it official until we had a signed lease as the company we're working with is ... unreliable at best. We've been on the verge of making this move closer to my husband's job - we can see his workplace from where we are moving to - for the last year but it's always fallen apart for some reason or another right before everything was official.

We will miss this place so, so much, but the benefits of moving - the major one being that my kids will see their daddy more - outweigh the fact that we'll be leaving our solitude, our diverse ecosystem, our ability to hang laundry without stressing about how appropriately dressed we may be for such a job...

We'll also be leaving the chemicals behind (we'll be living next to an organic farm instead of in the middle of a farm routinely sprayed by tractor and plane), gaining more pasture, and getting to explore a brand new type of ecosystem (desert). And there's a skunk that lives under our garage. That' s either a benefit or a drawback depending on who you ask.

I've been packing and cleaning both inside and out. The other day the chickens got moved from their area in the shed to an outside coop.

They love being on grass and it's been fun watching them explore. The Buckeyes and Ameraucanas are aggressive grazers while the Buffingtons are more sedentary. We have to keep them under a tarp because of our local hawk and owl population, and their fencing is attached to a calf hutch that serves as a satisfactory coop for the next week or so. I'll move them every few days to keep their ground fresh.

Gray's loving having them so accessible. He's always been on my back around the chickens before because he's a bit too brave about trying the many delicacies available around him. In a chicken coop that's bound to, if not make him ill, at the very least make his mother lose her lunch.


Stephanie said...

When I first saw that, I thought it said "We're moving TO the chicken coop."

Glad that's not the case.

Sarah said...

Oh dear. lol

No, thank goodness, things aren't as bad as all that yet.