Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beautiful blossoms.

We have a beautiful tree in our backyard that has the most stunning blossoms.

They start out a dark, dark pink when they're in bud form and then they blossom out to this.

And the smell. Oh my, they smell wonderful. If there's even a gentle breeze, you can smell them if you're anywhere within an acre of the tree. Do you know what kind of tree it is? I'd like to know.

The blossoms don't last long. After a day, sometimes two, the wind blows them off and we have a pink carpeted lawn.

Our fruit trees are going to be heavy this year. I wasn't able to get a picture of the plum trees in bloom, but yesterday I got pictures of the cherry trees -

and the apple trees.
Those apple tree blossoms kill me. White with a hint of light pink. I can't walk by the trees without stopping to stare.

Our apple trees had almost no blossoms last year (and very little pollinating activity), so we got no apples. This year, however, the year we're moving away, the blossoms are weighing the trees down and the pollinators can be heard from twenty feet away. The trees will be loaded. Maybe that will be incentive for a buyer?....

At our new place we have no blossoming or fruiting trees. Boo hiss.

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Cindy said...

I can almost smell them from here! So pretty!