Monday, April 20, 2009

Well, they're here!

Beauty had her babies. A brown male, brown and white female, and a stillborn black male. All as small as triplets are apt to be at birth.

Hannah has named them Katrina and Karl.

Beauty was unsure about parenting them at first. She kept wandering off and leaving them. When they'd call for her, she'd look concerned, but not quite sure if she knew what she was concerned about. Her mother kept corralling her back to her babies, but she wouldn't let them latch on. After I jugged her and held her to let them nurse one time each, she calmed right down.

She seems to be doing really well with them now. My girls have had it explained to them that she's having a tough time, and as a first-time mother, she needs her space, so once-a-day visits are all they get right now. They've had to settle for trying to comfort Beauty's mother, Tiffany, who has had a rough time these last 24 hours having her daughter in the shed where she can't see her. She seems to appreciate any attention - and sunflower seeds - the girls can give her.


Tara said...

The babies are adorable. I would have a hard time keeping myself away from the barn too!

Tuan's Princess said...

Hooray! They're here! I'm glad she's getting the hang of mothering.

Christy said...

Those are beautiful babies! I'm glad she's getting the hang of being a mom.