Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In which...

A tiny photo essay.

In which one discovers how miserably miserable house training a puppy in the middle of the night in 'spring' can be.

(For the record, this photo was taken in the morning, seven hours after I stood there. It's so cold here! I want spring. And I should keep shoes by the front door.)

In which one does not envy hens. Ouch.

(And then one remembers the three children she birthed and thinks that the hen should not envy her either.)

In which a visiting guest who wants to learn how to lead horses but cannot go outside because of the wind makes the best of her situation by commandeering an adoring cousin to be her horse.

In which one realizes that even pretend horses can balk for no apparent reason.

(Though pretend horses do tend to giggle quite a bit more than the real deal. There is no way around this.)

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Lindsay said...

I loved this. :) And I'm really leaning towards getting a young adult next time we get a dog. From a breeder, so it's fully trained and socialized. :p