Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hidden eggs and goat hooves.

Today I found a hidden nest in my chicken house. I have nine Buckeyes, four Orpingtons and two Ameraucaunas. There were seven eggs in the nest, all green, so all the eggs are from my two Ameraucaunas (and since they lay different shades of green, it's obvious that both are laying in the hidden nest). I've been getting at least one, often two, green eggs every day. Sneaky hens.

I also tackled my new ram's hooves today, along with the hooves of one of the first fresheners who's about ready to burst. Poor thing, I hope she gives birth soon. I have a few does who weren't obviously pregnant, so I got a ram to cover them, just in case. He came from a friend who lives down the road who got her goats from the same breeder I did. She's very busy and goat hoof care is far down her list of priorities so I needed to trim them up so that he could walk normally. He actually did very well for me - no rodeo antics - and it was gratifying to see him go from a rolling walk to a straight walk.


Christy said...

I haven't tackled goat hooves yet, but the baby needs his done, so I think that may happen today.

Healing Green said...

Ho ho! You found the nest just in time. As far as I know most chickens will wait until there are a certain amount of eggs in the nest before they begin laying (often the magic number is 8!) Sound like your Araucanas are trying to increase their ranks and stage a coup. LOL.

Healing Green said...

oops-- didn't mean laying, I meant brooding, or sitting on the eggs. LOL. Obviously, they are laying.