Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Farmgirl's ABCs

ABCs inspired by Steph. Read about the process of creating this list on my "Aren't my kids cute" blog here.

Hannah keeping track of our progress.

These were our alternate pictures that didn't make it into the 'official' line-up for various reasons, some obvious, some not.

Alternate D.

Alternate H - Hannah arranged and bossed her Daddy through the whole process of taking the picture.

Alternate I - Hannah arranged.

Alternate J and K. Hannah had the ideas, I rotated pictures for her.

Alternate L - Hannah arranged.

Alternate M.

Alternate O's - My favorite...

and Hannah's favorite.

Alternate P - Princess' markings.

Alternate Q

Alternate V - Hannah wanted me to use the chicken's beak.


Katie said...

Wow! I love these!!! Could the suburbs also be letter-full? Will be looking.

Alee said...

That is VERY clever! Great job!

Stephanie said...

These are great!!
They totally made me smile.

[grin] Some of mine took me two days to find.

Lindsay said...

These are fantastic! My sister-in-law is actually in the process of doing this and has been posting hers one at a time on her blog. It gave me the idea to try, as I want to create an ABC scrapbook for Meredith already anyway. I thought having pictures from nature as part of it would add a lot to it. I'm glad Hannah had fun doing it. I bet it's made her really notice letters everywhere too.

Christy said...

That is the coolest thing! I love some of the alternates. I may have to try this.

Jennifer said...

Very nice! I have been looking for letters too. It is great fun.

Tuan's Princess said...

That is so, so neat! We will def be doing this too!

Cindy said...

That is really really neat! I especially like "G", "Q", "R", and "X". Very clever, all of it.

Love the alternates too- especially the upside down horse, "J", and the circle "poo". Too funny.

Melanie said...

I love it! Awesome photos!

The kids and I have been outside looking for letters in our surroundings, also since seeing the ABC photos on Ordinary Life. I think this weekend we'll get out the camera and take some photos of our finds!

Thanks for sharing, and for the added inspiration!

Michelle said...

I Can't believe you found them all! My sister and I have been working on this exact project for quite a while now, casually, whenever we think about it or see a good one... We have most of the letters, but we like to have options, I guess. What a fun way to learn the ABC's! Liz and I might have to try this one around our place.

Sarah said...

Oh, Katie, I bet the suburbs are chock-full of letters! 'T's, 'I's, 'Y's, 'V's ... those spring to mind as plentiful. I bet it wouldn't be too difficult at all! If you do, let me know!

Thank you Alee!

Aw, Steph, I'm so flattered! Your blog is a great source of inspiration.

Lindsay, you'll have to let me know when you're done. You too, Christy, if you decide to do it - I bet your son would have a blast.

Jennifer, it is such fun!

Maria, you'll have to show me yours when you get done!

Thanks Cindy, weren't those poo 'O's hilarious?

Melanie, you're sweet, thank you! I'm not used to being told I've provided inspiration!

Michelle, I know what you mean about options. I'd prefer to have all of mine in photos that didn't have to be rotated, so I'm still looking for more alternates for several letters.

country girl said...

What a great way to learn the ABCs while being observant of your surrounds. Lots of lessons there.

RunninL8 said...

Awesome! I've been working on one of these, too!

Kytsmom said...

I love it! What fun! And a great activity!!!

Rinnyboo said...

I love your ABCs! It makes me want to go outside and start my own RIGHT NOW! Thanks for sharing. :)

Laura said...

Brilliant! We have a children's book that shows the ABCs in a city scape. Those are painted and look quite realistic, but yours ARE real!

What fun!