Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Taking advantage of the nice days.

In the few hours of nice-enough-for-littles-to-be-outside-without-being-blown-away weather we had, we went out to play. Our cats followed us when we went exploring down the road. They thought it was a nice day also.

Then the goats saw us and called out. Ainsley went over to say hi. She yelled over to me "MOOOOMMMA!! Goats wuv meeeee!!!!" Of course they do.

I'm not sure why she decided that we needed firewood so desperately, but she did. That little two year old hauled five pieces of firewood to the front porch, all under her own steam and for her own reasons. That's internal motivation for you.

Then she practiced her balancing. You never know when you'll need to be good at balancing.

When the goats called again, she couldn't resist. Off she went to say hi.



Christy said...

Looks like a great day! The cats are adorable.

Cindy said...

HELLO! Nice crackage! :-)

Love how the goats luv her too. The sure are cute things.

Healing Green said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! I love it!

rae said...

Adorable. And dare I say, Cutie Patootie?

Katey said...

Lizzie said, "Hey, I can see her..." LOL.

inadvertent farmer said...

Nice days like that are unexpected gifts this time of year. You're little one is just adorable!

First time here, enjoying your blog very much! Kim

Danna said...

Hi Sarah, Thanks for the link for the watercoloring! I think her pad is one of those old quilted type plastic tablecloths. My mon had one growing up that we used when we got to eat in the livingroom floor. But it is probably a thrift find as I doubt they are made any more! HTH a little! :)

I can just imagine the warm dirt your cats are enjoying! I remember that feeling, and how warm the kitty's fur would be after! :)
Thanks again!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Somehow I missed this post...very funny. "HI, AINS!!!"