Friday, February 20, 2009

Humane, sustainable, unbelievable foie gras.

Have you heard of or tried foie gras? I've heard of it but never tried it. For me it's in the same categories as caviar and veal. Like caviar, even if I wanted to try it, it's too far out of my price range and like veal, it's produced in a manner that makes it altogether unappealing to me.

Watch this video - it's inspiring. The history of foie gras is interesting, the seasonal aspect of humanely produced foie gras is common sense, and the way the farmer produces the desirable yellow liver is brilliant and even a bit funny. If you're into local, sustainable, seasonal or humane food, you'll love this video. If you're into innovative farmers, you'll love this video. If you're into learning new things, you'll love the website.

I'm used to sharing TED videos on my other blog. I now have a short list of ones to share on this blog. The fact that there's even a short list of talks given on these subjects at such prestigious events is encouraging, don't you think?


Healing Green said...

That was fantastic. I loved the video, and am sending it on to both my parents (my father is very involved in the culinary industry in France & Spain, and mom works on livestock issues at the world bank). Having grown up partly in Europe, I have eaten a lot of foie gras. It is as phenomenal as the speaker says. I love it as pate, and I love it cooked in a wine reduction served with a great pinot noir. When I am in Europe, I eat all the pate I can get, whether is it country style pork pate or foie gras or duck... I eat things there like bone marrow and "chopitos" (tiny baby octopus)... In Europe the care is taken, more often, by both chefs and growers to produce healthy local fare. The food is simply amazing. I love that America is slowly catching up, and also in some ways leaping forward. Thanks for the link!

Carol............. said...

How wonderful and what a great speaker. TED is on my computer as one of my favorites and I check it out often. It seems that every subject imaginable can be found there.

Thanks for sharing.

kathleen duey said...

Just wrote a comment and think it misfired...
Take 2: (revised and improved)

Thanks for posting this--I had no idea. I love TED and haven't played there for a while.

I grew up in wind country, NE CO. We used to say that in the spring, on the first day when the wind drops, everyone goes outside--and falls down.

Thanks for your kind words about my book.