Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Breaking out.

It's been so cold here that this is all I see of my girls when we're outside -

Some days - like the day this picture was taken - it's not really that cold (it was 43 F that morning) but the wind, oh the wind. It's miserably, bitingly cold. We run out to the barn, they play in the barn while I chore and then we all run back to the house. Screaming while you run makes you feel warmer.

But on Sunday it was not only relatively warm (high 40s), it was completely wind free. Not even a breeze. So we saddled up the horse and pony and took the girls for a ride.

I don't think Ainsley stopped smiling during the entire hour-long ride.


Christy said...

What fun for them! I hate wind. I can take so much more if it isn't windy.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I'd heard it was windy at your place. ;-)
Thanks for the tip on screaming while running - I've been cold a lot lately when I'm outside, maybe this will help.
Has Grayson started to ask for pony rides yet?

country girl said...

Your little one has an incredible fashion sense. She is so cute.

Cindy said...

Wow, 40 degrees is 'mild'? LOL. Those pony rides sure look fun!

Sarah said...

Christy, I hear you. I would have no issues with this area if the wind would just slow down and the gnats would not invade us in the fall.

Danni, you've *got* to try screaming. Ains taught me that - works like a charm. Gray is very different than our girls - so laid back about everything. Hannah and Ains were both all over dogs, cats, lambs, and ponies by the time they were six months old. Not this kid. As long as he's got momma, he's content.

Ah, CG, thank you! :) Every mother loves to hear that.

Cindy, it's all relative, isn't it? lol I remember when I lived in Utah and the locals would be in shorts and t-shirts when it was in the high 50s. Nutters. Now look at me - "it's 40 degrees, girls! Let's go outside!"

Healing Green said...

Hey Sarah, I was looking at your "things I lust after" list to see if there was anything I've got for you since I love freecycling...and I had a suggestion for the grain mill -- here we use our coffee mill. Ours can only do a cup at a time, but it does do a very nice job. I've ground all kind of things in it. It washes very clean, but I often do just a small bit of th grain first, dump it for the chickens, and then grind the rest if I'm worried about coffee residue (like when I was grinding rice for my baby!) Just an idea... Maybe you can find a big free coffee grinder somewhere.